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If you are looking for high performing and modern looking iron, then this review of Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630 will help you to make the right decision. We have noticed that most of the consumers want basic features at less price. So we have tested this best-selling model, and here is an in-depth review for you.

We have liked it much but a few things we don’t like. Before reaching the conclusion, have a look at its features, pros, and cons.

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630 Review (Latest)

Russel Hobbs ultra 20360 has a sleek design and professional looks. You might be thinking that there will not much-advanced feature as per the price cap; you should look at the features we mentioned below.

It comes with ceramic soleplate, which not only increases glide smoothness but also delivers a perfect finish to the fabric. Unique soleplate design to ease the ironing process make it stand out from the crowd. Grip and handling also appropriate.


  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • High power of 3100 watt
  • Continuous and burst steam shot
  • Water spray feature
  • Automatic switch-off function:
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Tapered tip with button groove
  • Vertical steaming
  • Triple action self-cleaning
  • Adequate cord length of 3m
  • A large water tank of 350 ml

Smooth Ceramic soleplate:

Ceramic soleplates material usually delivers smooth glide and less resistance as compared to stainless steel. This model has a smooth ceramic soleplate with steam holes. It is equally suitable for all types of fabrics and glides easily even through tough wrinkles. As a result, you will get a perfect finish on clothes. A smooth surface also ensures less friction, so you will not have to apply much effort in moving iron over the fabric.

3100-watt power:

Russell Hobbs ultra 20630 steam iron has the power of 3100 watt, which is 77.14% more than Rowenta DW 7180. Such a power rating heats up the iron in few seconds instead of minutes.

So you will not have to wait longer for heating iron. As compared to other steam irons, it heats up at a 15% faster rate. Moreover, steam is quickly generated because of the fast heating of the soleplate.

Continuous and burst steam shot:

If you are ironing a large pile of clothes or just a longer one, this model is capable of delivering continuous steam output at a rate of 45 grams per second. In addition to constant steam delivery, it also offers powerful steam burst at 210 G/min, which helps to tame toughest wrinkles.

This steam rate is more than enough for daily usage fabrics. You can choose the option according to your choice.

Water spray feature:

The water sprinkle button is available near the handle, which sprays water over fabric instead of steam. Some wrinkles do not soften with steam.

In such cases, you can use this option. After it, start pressing the wrinkles with optimum temperature, and you will have smooth finish fabric.

Automatic switch-off function:

It is a function that turns the iron off automatically when you forgot to turn it off. This feature is available in almost all steam irons, and it is perfect for busy households who are always rushing out to door.

According to users, this feature is life-saving and highly efficient. This model also passes our safety test.

Anti-leaking feature:

It also has some improvements which prevent unnecessary leaking. Although it will start leaks if plastic body cracks somehow. So you have to take extra care of your plastic body.

Tapered tip with button groove:

The soleplate design of this model is innovative and designed to ease the workflow. It has two main features that need to be discussed here.

Tapered tip: It has a pointed tip that helps to iron difficult to reach areas such as pleats, pockets, buttons and around fastenings. This tip can also be seen in Rowenta steam iron models. This feature is beneficial and saves time during ironing.

Button groove:

Soleplate has button cutouts on both sides, which helps to press the fabric around buttons. These grooves are specially designed to iron the fastenings around fabrics and also delivers a professional finish to garments. It is perfect for getting in and around buttons or embroidery.

Vertical steaming:

There is an option of vertical steaming in this model, which turns steam iron into a garment steamer. So you can use this model for steaming hanging garments, drapes, and upholstery. On burst mode, the steam rate can reach up to 210G/min. Such steam rate is enough to smoothen the wrinkles of fabric in a vertical mood.

We have also noticed that you will not be able to use it as a garment steamer for more extended time because of its heavyweight. Hence for a shorter period, it is a reasonable option overall.

Triple action self-cleaning:

It is the same as the anti-calcium feature, which prevents the deposition of calcium and other minerals on the internal side of the soleplate. The triple-action system of this model has anti-scale cartridge, which prevents the entry of insoluble salts.

It is also accompanied by a self-cleaning function that flushes out any deposited salt with a burst of steam. Sell cleaning dedicated button is present on it. These features ensure a longer life of iron if operated appropriately.

Adequate cord length of 3m:

Cord length Is regular as compared to other models. 3m or 9.8ft length is enough, which is more than most of Rowenta models, which have only 7ft cord. If you have a socket far from the iron board, you can use extension wire as well.


A large water tank of 350 ml:

The capacity of the water reservoir technically denotes the amount and duration of steam output. A simple rule is higher the capacity, lower the refill frequency. This model has a 350ml (11.85 Oz) large water tank. It is enough to produce continuous steam for 30 minutes.



  • Smooth Ceramic soleplate
  • 3100-watt power
  • Continuous and burst steam shot
  • Water spray feature
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Anti-leaking feature
  • Tapered tip with button groove
  • Button groove
  • Vertical steaming
  • Triple action self-cleaning:
  • Adequate cord length of 3m
  • A large water tank of 350 ml

Find out what customers have to say about this steam iron in the following video:


All the features that we described above are tested and reviewed. It has all the necessary functions that are must in any steam iron. Moreover, it is best-selling steam iron. Even they are providing ceramic soleplate in this price cap.

Other high-end iron can only beat this because it lacks advanced features such as display screen, fabric presets. But if you are looking for good iron at a highly affordable price, you must go with it. If you are not tied by budget, then you can have a look at our collection of expensive high-end steam irons reviews.

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