Best Steam Generator Iron – 2024 Buying Guide & Reviews

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Ironing is not an exciting task, and it takes too much time and effort. Some irons are either heavy or produce low steam that cannot fade wrinkles efficiently. That’s why people appreciate the best steam generator iron 2024.

These are light in weight and provide a generous amount of steam with decent pressure that penetrates deeply into the fabrics and gives them a professional smooth finish. Overall making the ironing process charming and effortless.

Steam Irons and Steam Generator Irons are not the same!

Most people think that both are the same, But there is a clear difference! Steam generator irons are similar to regular stem irons but have one main difference. Unlike regular best steam irons, steam generators have a separate water tank and heating element. Steam generated and transferred to iron via a rubber hose. The water tank placed separately on the side of an ironing board.

That’s why it is light in weight even it is not going to hurt your wrist. Because of continuous steam generation for a longer period and a large water tank, it is equally suitable for vertical usage. Most of the models can be used as a garment steamer as well.

Best Steam Generator Irons of 2024 – Which is perfect?

If you are looking for the best steam generator irons of 2024 then you are at the right place. We have done extensive research, find the best models keeping in view the continuous steam generation, burst steam pressure, power watts, rubber hose length, soleplate material, water tank capacity, and much more you don’t even think of.

So read our jargon-free review of the best steam generator irons, or if you are in a hurry, jump to the conclusion from here.

1. Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80: Best Performance Steam Generator Iron

1) Best steam generator iron 2024

Philips Perfectcare elite silence steam iron is a vigorous and durable model equipped with a sizeable water tank of 1.8L which is also detachable. You don’t need to carry the whole assembly to the water tap, instead of it, separate the water tank from a generator and fill it easily.

Exclusive T-ionicGlide ceramic soleplate delivers smooth and friction-less gliding on all garments. It has a modern and minimal design even you will not find any dial for the setting. We will tell the reason in a few seconds!

It has a powerful steaming system, i.e. 150G/min at continuous steaming while 500G/min at steam boost that can handle all household and commercial laundries without skipping a beat. You can also use it as a professional garment steamer because of its vertical steaming support.

The pressure of 7.5 bars ensures deep penetration of steam even into thickest multi-layer fabrics, giving the perfect finish. It performed flawlessly for all laundry types during testing. It will not hurt your wrist on prolonged usage thanks to its ultra-lightweight of 0.8Kg.

A fascinating feature that saves lots of time and gives peace of mind is the OptimalTEMP feature. It automatically adjusts steam and heat according to the fabric while offers a No-Burn guarantee also. So you don’t need to spend time sorting out laundries that require a specific temperature. Just pick any fabric from thick jeans to a delicate silk blouse and start ironing – This steam pressure iron will not disappoint you.

You might be confused with a plastic body; you must know that it is highly durable and unbreakable to some extent. A user told us that it’s steam generator iron fell 4 to 5 times, but it had not even got a single crack. Moreover, it has a long cord length so you will feel comfortable while moving iron on the ironing board.

Performance is up to the mark, so it becomes an amazon choice, and literally, it worth every penny. If you can extend your budget a bit, then this pricey model is the best one in the market and have all flagship features.

Key Features:

Weight: 5.1Kg , Steam rate: 150G/min – 500G/min, Water tank: 1.8L (detachable), Watts: 2400, Pressure: 7.5 bars, Soleplate: Ceramic T-ionicGlide

2. Rowenta Silence Steam Generator Iron DG8962

2) Rowenta Silence Steam Generator Iron DG8962

Rowenta has a track record of manufacturing the best appliances for users, and this is one of the best steam generators irons 2024. Previously it was thought that steam generator irons are meant for commercial use as these units were notorious for unwanted noises during operation.

To cope with this issue and to make it a reliable device, this silence model is introduced. It is the feature Rowenta has a plus point on other competitors. It is neither going to disturb your sleeping baby nor your husband watching his favorite show.

The iron part is lighter in weight and has a scratch-proof, stainless steel soleplate with a narrow tip that delivers optimum glide on all garments. 400 holes deliver perfect and uniform steam with robust 6.5 bars pressure that terminates toughest wrinkles even from denim jeans or silk blouse.

The same 400 holes can also be seen in the Rowenta Everlast steam iron model. Although the steam output rate is a little bit less than Phillips, it is reasonable enough for regular usage. If you have a low budget and want some quality iron, please check our collection of the best lightweight steam irons.

Don’t worry about the durability of the unit; it comes with a sturdy anti-calc system supported by a dedicated scale collector. Just rinse it, and you have cleaned your unit. Viola! A water tank has a capacity of 1.4 liters and can be separated from a steam generator for easy refills and cleaning purposes. Moreover, a large water tank helps you to continue ironing tasks for a longer period of time without having the issue of frequent refills.

As it lacks automatic settings for temperature and steam so you might burn your favorite chiffon top if you don’t know about its required temperature. There are buttons and knobs on the back of the steam generator, from where you can adjust heat and steam according to your desire. Electric cord housing does not seem to be durable and it can be broken if handled roughly.

If you know about fabrics well, then it is an ideal choice. Overall it is light-weight, compact, highly efficient and tranquil steam generator iron.

Key Features:

Weight: 5.3 Kg , Steam rate: 120 G/min – 420G/min, Water tank: 1.4L (detachable), Watts: 2400, Pressure: 6.5 bars, Soleplate: Stainless steel treated by laser anti-scratch tech

3. Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 332017

3) Rowenta Silence Steam Generator Iron DG8962, 2400 Watt

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite is a comparatively bulky yet high-performance steam generator iron. It has a long-lasting water tank of 2.2 liters (Bigger than other competitors), which can also be separated from the generator for refills and cleaning purposes. You can do refills even on the go! You will also notice from a comparison of best steam generator irons 2024, it as the largest water tank among all steam generators discussed here.

It delivered constant steam at a rate of 120G/min and increased up to 300G/min on steam boost mood for easy-peasy crease obliteration. It generates masses of steam in one shot that reaches multiple layers of garment and relaxes its fibers. Accompanied by 6 bar steam pump pressure, it ultimately gives you better ironing results.

Another exciting feature is IntelliTemp setting which gives you peace of mind by automatically adjusting the temperature according to the fabric. Iron any fabric from cashmere to cotton or anything in-between without worrying about temperature settings. Also, it saves lots of time because you don’t need to wait for the iron to cool down or heated up for specific fabrics. Similar to OptimalTemp feature of Philips, it also guarantees that there will be no burns.

It gets ready in 2 minutes, so in any case, you have to wait for it. Also, it has an auto shut off system that turns it off when you leave it for a while. Although it is a safety feature sometime, it can be annoying if your ironing session interrupted for any reason.

Soleplate is of a unique kind, actually a combination of ceramic and aluminum. Also, slides smoothly on all sorts of fabrics, has an Eco and turbo mode that can be set up from a control panel placed on the back of the steam generator. It keeps the internal machine scale-free Thanks to its self-cleaning function which performed well during testing.

Key Features:

Weight: 6.09 Kg , Steam rate: 120G/min – 300G/min, Water tank: 2.2L (detachable), Watts: 2400, Pressure: 5 bars, Soleplate: Ceramic

4. Tefal Pro Express Care GV9071

4) Tefal Pro Express Care GV9071

This model has been available in the market for nearly 2 years, and it maintained a position because of quality and unsurpassed performance. If you are the type of person faced with a large pile of laundry on a regular basis, then Tefal GV9071 is for you!

It delivers outstanding ironing results every time and maintains its performance using its anti-limescale buildup feature (anti-calcium). Moreover, an advanced anti-drip feature to prevent stains and unwanted water drops. It works in such a way that water drop flows in a spiral tube and turns into steam before reaching the bottom of the soleplate.

Automatic temperature control is not available in this model, but it has easy to understand 5 garment presets. You can choose among Synthetics, Wool, Silk, Cotton and Linen. These settings will balance steam and temperature according to the preset you chose.

It is engineered with a steam generator that is capable of delivering steam at a rate of 500G/min on boost mode. Steam burst relaxed stubborn creases from thick fabrics because of its robust 7.5 bar pump pressure. You can attach a hand-held or upright garment steamer with it. So pressing all fabrics including dress shirts is no longer an issue.

Unlike other steam generator irons, its soleplate is made with Durillium Airglide technology which is honored for its superior glide. Smooth glide means less effort in moving iron over the fabric. Soleplate has enough holes for the proper distribution of steam.

A water tank is quite reasonable, and it is detachable from the generator. The electric cord is retractable and is concealed inside the base, making the storage of the whole unit easy. Overall it is a compact unit and can be a worthy contender. It has the greatest pump pressure among this list of best steam generator iron 2024.

Key Features:

Weight: 4.73 Kg , Steam rate: Variable – 500G/min, Water tank: 1.6L (detachable), Watts: 2400, Pressure: 7.5 bars, Soleplate: Durilium Airglide

5. Tefal Express Steam Generator GV7466

5) Tefal Express Steam Generator GV7466

It is another sturdy, high-pressure steam iron but at a relatively lesser price than competitors. As hard water is an issue in both the US and UK, so steam irons fade its performance over time because of scale build-up in their body. Surprisingly, Tefal comes with an exclusive scale collector that ensures longer life and continuous best performance. Tefal scale collection mechanism collects more scales than others. You can unplug a scale collector from the boiler and rinse it.

Coming to its efficiency, it is equipped with 2200 watts of power, and still, it takes 2 to 2.5 minutes to reach the optimum temperature required for ironing. It glides smoothly overall kind of fabrics, and you will not feel any sliding resistance while ironing. It is the main benefit of Durillium soleplate technology.

Also, you don’t need to clean the soleplate after regular intervals, it’s autocleaning catalytic coating does it itself. Soleplate holes are properly distributed along sides and heart, so the fabric beneath it would be steamed properly.

Steam obliterating pressure ranges from 120G/min to 350G/min. The latter is on steam boost mode. High pump pressure off 6.5 bars performed effortlessly even in a vertical way. It can tackle stubborn wrinkles easily. Ironing the drapes, curtains, upholstery would no longer be the issue with this model.

One thing you must know that it lacks automatic temperature features, so you always need to adjust the temperature according to fabric type. Each fabric demands a different amount of heat so you must know about the fabric type to regulate temperature and steam accordingly. There is the eco mode at the control board placed on the backside of the steam generator that saves up to 20% of electricity.

If you cannot stretch your budget to flagship models, then this affordable best steam generator irons will be the best choice.

Reason to avoid
Does’nt have automatic temperature control settings
Key Features:

Weight: 4.86 Kg , Steam rate: 120G/min– 350G/min, Water tank: 1.7L (detachable), Watts: 2200, Pressure: 6.5 bars, Soleplate: Durilium Autoclean


If you are still figuring out, which steam generator iron you should pick? Then here are our top picks. We have narrowed down two best steam generator irons according to their overall performance, convenient usage and durability. You can choose any of the two without thinking much!

I am also using Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80 for 3 years and never found a single issue. It was our recommendation. The rest is your decision. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best steam generator iron to buy?

Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80 is the best steam generator iron to buy. It generates 150 grams of steam per minute at a normal point and 500 grams of steam when the fabric is tough. But there will not be any wrinkles afterward. It has a detachable water tank with a 1.8-liter capacity.

What is the best steam generator iron for hard water areas?

Tefal Express Anti-Scale GV7466 is the best steam generator iron for hard water areas. It can generate 120-350 grams of steam per minute. The auto clean soleplate is made of Durilium. The water tank capacity is 1.7 liters and it only weighs 4.86 kg.

How to clean the steam generator iron water tank?

Fill the water tank and turn on the iron. When it heats up, hold the iron above a sink so the soleplate remains horizontal. Now activate the cleaning function. Shake your iron sideways until it gets empty. Now heat the iron again and glide over a rough cloth to clean residues from the soleplate.

How does steam generator iron work?

In a steam generator iron, the water tank is not attached to the iron. Instead, it is in the base that is held separately. When the water heats up, the steam is delivered to the iron through the hose. After that, you can steam press your clothes without carrying a water tank.

How to fix steam generator iron?

If the steam iron stops working even after normal cleaning, put one part vinegar and two parts water into it. Heat it up, turn on the cleaning function, and empty the tank on to a sink while holding the soleplate horizontal. Clean soleplate by heating again and gliding over a cloth. It is fixed now!

Which tefal steam generator iron is best?

Tefal Pro Express Care GV9071 is the best steam generator iron by Tefal. It can generate 500 grams of steam per minute and the water tank capacity is 1.7 liters. The soleplate is made of Durilium Airglide and it only weighs 4.73 kg.

How descale steam generator iron?

Fill the water tank and turn on the iron. When it heats up, hold the iron above a sink so the soleplate remains horizontal. Now activate the cleaning function. Shake your iron sideways until it gets empty. Now heat the iron again and glide over a rough cloth to clean residues from the soleplate.

Can you descale steam generator iron?

To descale steam generator iron, put one part vinegar and two parts water into it. Heat it up, turn on the cleaning function, and empty the tank on to a sink while holding the soleplate horizontal. Clean soleplate by heating again and gliding over a cloth. It is fixed now!

Why is my steam generator iron leaking brown water?

The brown water that leaks from steam generator iron are due to iron deposits into it. Clean the soleplate by a damp cloth when it is hot. Clean the water reservoir too. Then it will be back to normal.

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