Dry Iron Vs Steam Iron Comparison Guide 2024 – Which Iron To Buy

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Nowadays, irons are of different types and models, having many features, but the two most important types of irons are dry iron and steam iron. They both have different functions, but the question is which one is the best one to use. In this article, we will tell you the difference between both irons and which is the best iron to use.

Main differences of Dry Vs Steam iron


Different type of soleplatesThe soleplate of both irons is different. For example, if you buy a dry iron, you will see that its soleplate is solid, but if you see a steam iron, although it is solid, but there are holes in the soleplate of the steam iron. These holes are used to release steam, and this steam is then used to remove the wrinkles of the clothes.

Moreover, the soleplate is of different materials such as ceramic, stainless steel. One can choose according to his needs and requirements.

Water tank

The design of both dry and steam iron is different. Steam iron has a water tank in which water is filled, which is then converted into steam. This steam helps to iron clothes. But dry iron does not have any water tank because it does not need steam. Steam iron helps you to iron clothes in a very short time; that is why people prefer steam irons as compare to dry iron.

An advanced version of steam irons is steam generator irons that have a much bigger capacity and lightweight iron parts. You can find these here.


Steam iron is more complex than dry iron. Dry iron has a dial to set heat setting, but in a steam iron, there are spray key, steam lever, LED, which is not easy to understand. That is why steam iron is more complex.

Spray mist

Spray mist function

There is an option of spray mist in almost every steam iron and is used to moisten clothes during ironing. You will no need to spray water on clothes because this iron will do it by itself. It will help to remove deep wrinkles in a very short time. But you will not get this feature in Dry Iron.

Steam function

Steam function as the name suggests is the only property of steam iron or steam generator iron. You cannot find this functionality in any dry iron.

Conversion of steam iron into dry iron

You can also use your steam iron as a dry iron. You have to disable steam features so that you can use steam iron as dry iron.  So this is the best feature in most of the steam iron that you can get both types in one iron.

Which iron is best? Dry or steam iron

Hard water issue

If you have an issue if hard water in your area and you are feeling it will ruin your steam iron and other appliances, then consider these water softener gadgets.

Which iron is best, steam or dry?

The best iron to opt for is steam iron because it has many features, and also it provides quick work.  You can also use it as dry iron if you don’t want to use steam features. In the end, steam iron will be the best to choose if you want to remove deep wrinkles and creases.

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