Best Travel Steam Irons (Dual Voltage) – 2024 Buying Guide

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If you are a type of person who is always traveling or on a business trip, so having the best travel steam iron is not less than a blessing. We have narrowed down the 5 best compact and small-sized portable irons with dual voltage options, that will give your dress a professional, smooth finish by removing all wrinkles in no time.

These travel steam irons are as efficient as regular steam irons, and performance is also up to the mark. But these are designed in such a way as to make them convenient for travel. Usually, the size is smaller and the dimensions are compact. So your quest for Best Travel Steam Irons 2024 ends here. Below are the in-depth reviews of each steam iron so you can see all features, what we like in it, and what needs to be improved.

Our Top Picks

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron SF-717


Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage Travel Bag

Hamilton Beach Portable steam iron
Hamilton Beach Portable Handheld Travel Iron and Vertical Garment Steamer for Clothes with Carrying Pouch, Fabric Brush, Stainless Steel Soleplate, White (10092)

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Best Travel Steam Iron

We understand what people want in portable or travel steam iron. We have researched all issues, took surveys and tested various models. In the list below, all steam irons are compact, highly portable, affordable, lightweight, easy to use, quick to heat, enough steam output and have acceptable performance. So pressing all formal or casual garments during your trip is not an issue using these.

Following is the list of the best travel steam irons 2024.

1. Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Steam Iron GCSBTR-100-000 (Best Compact Design)

Best travel steam iron Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot
Main Features:
  • Dual Voltage System (240V and 120V)
  • Shot of Steam
  • Indicator light
  • Flexibility for various fabric types
  • Soft-touch handle

This iron has some various upgrades that enable you to keep your clothes in good condition. It will do your work whether if you need merely a single touch to the clothes or want full ironing. The design is compact, which lets the user keep it in luggage easily. Do not confuse by its size; it works the same as the standard-sized iron.

Water reservoir:

You can fill the water reservoir from the top of the device. You just need to keep it under a faucet and wait till it gets full. Place the highest point of the device back and ensure it is full before turning the unit on. It has enough capacity water tank.

Steam generator irons have a much larger water capacity but they are expensive and not portable at all. You can also check them out.


The iron must steam to take out extra wrinkles from your clothes. The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Travel Iron has enough, and steady steam shoots from the bottom soleplate. Each burst of steam is highly intense that ensures wrinkles-free garments.


This travel steam iron lets you have control over steam so that you can release it according to the needs. Therefore, you can easily adjust the setting from medium steam, light steam, and heavy steam.

  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Dual voltage to use in any country
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy Settings
  • No travel pouch

2. Smagreho Mini Travel Steam Iron (Best for traveling)

Smagreho Mini Travel Steam Iron (Best Small Travel Steam Iron)
Main Features:
  • Fast-Heating
  • 1-Touch Steam Control
  • Dry And Steam Ironing
  • Dual Voltage
  • Between 100 And 240 Volts.
  • Size For Travel
  • 1 Year Warranty

The aim of adding this iron to our list is to give you more power in a small package. There is a number of great features and functions that Smagreho Mini offers. It is said to be a travel-friendly iron. That means it will meet all your needs while you are on a trip.

Quick Heating:

This stream iron for travel is designed in such a way that it heats up immediately. So you don’t need o wait longer for it. Though, the reason is that the water tank is 1.4 ounces. Therefore, the steam produces up to 15 seconds.

Adjustable Setting:

Starting the iron is very easy. You can easily tap on the button, and it will turn on. Yet, there are three more options. It offers different settings, but it depends on the cloth you are ironing.

Dual Voltage:

Regardless of where you are making a trip, the Smagreho Mini Travel Steam Iron is prepared to deal with 100 and 240 volts. This is one of the basic features that makes it a travel-friendly product.

Versatile Use:

Despite the fact that the iron is unimaginably powerful when you use the steam work, you can likewise use it as a dry iron too. You should simply switch between the two settings use one of the two-button.

  • Use around the world
  • Very compact
  • Various steam settings
  • Doesn’t make deep creases

3. BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact IR03V (Average Choice)

Main Features:
  • Trueglide Nonstick Soleplate
  • Smooth Gliding On All Fabrics
  • Automatically Optimizes The Amount Of Steam with Smartsteam technology
  • Anti-Drip
  • Vertical Steaming
  • Moisture Control Buttons

The Black and Decker Travel Steam Iron is ideal for the house as well as travel use. The one who uses it will definitely take advantage of its simple controls and ergonomic handling.

Non-stick Soleplate:

The soleplate of this travel iron is manufactured with aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. It also enables the iron to produce heat according to the requirements.

Anti-Drip Design System:

Now and again, the heat from your iron isn’t sufficient to make steam. At the point when that occurs, the anti-drip design system removes the water supply to prevent dribbles from leaving the soleplate.

Three-Way Automatic Shut-Off:

It is the best feature. It ensures your complete safety. Because it can prevent any fire from breaking out. If you ever leave it turned on, and you are not using it, it automatically shuts off.

Size And Wattage:

Black and Decker iron’s width is 5.2 inches, 10.1 inches in length, and 6.2 inches in height. The iron consumes 1100 Watt electricity. However, it is more than enough to take out hard wrinkles from your clothes.

  • Small size but powerful
  • Quick heat uptime
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Automatic shut-off
  • No spray mist

4. Steamfast  Mini Steam Iron SF-717 (Best Dual Voltage)

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage Travel Bag
Main Features:
  • 1-Touch Steam Control
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • 420 Watts Of Power
  • Anti-Slip Handle For Improved Grip
  • Dual Volts (100 And 240)
  • Travel Bag Included
  • 2-Years Warranty

When you buy this travel steam iron, the first thing you will notice is its modular design. The design is not only compact but elegant as well. Additionally, some best and perfect features will meet your needs.

Nonstick Soleplate:

With the help of the nonstick soleplate, you can be sure that regardless of the kind of garment which you are pressing, it will not stick to the soleplate. You will have a totally smooth experience when using this travel steam iron.

Come Along With Travel Bag:

Since it is ideally designed for travel use, so it comes with a travel bag. So that it can be easy for you to carry the pouch. It enables you to make no separate arrangement for the iron.

Anti-Slip Handle:

The handle is structured so that it gives you a phenomenal grip. Subsequently, you do not need to stress over the iron slipping out of your hands. This is especially helpful when you are using it. You will have the option to use it with no dread of making the iron fall.

Rapid Heating:

SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron gives you immediate heating. Hence, when you turn it on, it heats the water in just 15 seconds. It will let you press your clothes as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, with a simple and easy touch, you will be able to control the amount of steam.

  • Dry or steam function
  • Powerful
  • Contains a 75 foot of cord
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Travel bag included in the package
  • Dual voltage setting
  • It requires more time to remove wrinkles.

5. Hamilton Beach Portable Handheld Travel Iron 10092 (Top Pick)

Hamilton Beach Portable Handheld Travel Iron and Vertical Garment Steamer for Clothes with Carrying Pouch, Fabric Brush, Stainless Steel Soleplate, White (10092)
Main Features:
  • Stainless Steel Soleplate
  • Power of 800 Watts
  • Dual Voltage support 120V/240V
  • 70 ml water tank
  • Steam rate of 9G/min
  • Use as Iron or vertical Steamer
  • Continuous Steaming capability

If you have been searching for the top-rated travel iron, you should go through this product. It also offers vertical steaming as well. People who use this iron admire it a lot. Its elegant and modern design, sharp looks make it more interesting. Its handle is fold-able which allows us to store it in a minimum space as compared to other models.

Enhanced Portability for traveling:

Hamilton Beach Travel Steam Iron comes in a compact and perfect size, which is easy to carry around. Especially when it comes to traveling, it really helps.

Water Capacity:

It offers enough water capacity, which is 70 ml. The advantage of this water capacity is that you will feel the need to refill it again and again. Once you fill the tank, it can work for you for a whole ironing session.

Smooth Soleplate:

The soleplate of this travel steam iron is very smooth. It is not rough. This feature helps in you many ways. However, it ensures safety for your garments. The soleplate does not stick to your clothes.

Heats Up Quickly:

If you are in a hurry and want your clothes as soon as possible, then this iron is the best option for you. Since you need to press your clothes immediately while you are traveling, so this iron will do the work. Because it heats up very quickly than usual.

  • Fold-down handle
  • Light
  • Pouch
  • Also, have a fabric brush
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Not any prominent


Before getting into this article, you might have been facing iron problems on tours and trips. But here, we have solved your issue to some extent. As it is challenging to grab the opportunity of ironing clothes in traveling, but the above products have made it quite effortless.

Get the best travel steam iron from the above list and make your personality more attractive. As in the list of Best travel steam irons 2024, All are affordable and have outstanding performance. I recommend you two best models among them.

Author Recommendations

Steamfast Mini Steam Iron SF-717
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage Travel Bag
Hamilton Beach Portable
Hamilton Beach Portable Handheld Travel Iron and Vertical Garment Steamer for Clothes with Carrying Pouch, Fabric Brush, Stainless Steel Soleplate, White (10092)

Our guide of best affordable steam irons for regular use features more affordable products that are under $50. You can also have a look

What to consider before buying a Best Travel Steam Iron 2024 | Buying Guide

It is our suggestion that never buy anything or any product directly without looking at its main features. Here we will discuss a few things that you must consider before buying the best travel steam iron 2024.

Dual voltage:

If you are the person who travels on a regular basis to abroad, then you must see whether that country uses different voltages or not. Because of all the electrical products in the USA work at 100 volts. But it might be high in some other countries.

So for this, you must see that your product has a dual voltage system. So it does not create problems for you.

Steam shot:

There are some of the steam irons that offer users to use steam shot to get rid of the hard creases. So you must see how much steam iron provides. Hence, the amount of steam varies from iron to iron.

Variable temperature:

Before you buy travel steam iron, you should see that it must include different temperature settings. It is important because you might have a different type of stuff that requires a different temperature.


When there is a high wattage of your iron, the more powerful and durable it will be. So always purchase a product with a high wattage because it will benefit you a lot. And it will meet all your household needs.


Travel irons are often small in size than the ones you use at home. Due to its smaller size, you can simply adjust it in your luggage. So you must go for the lightest travel iron.

Warranty and Travel Adapter:

No product has an all-time warranty. You might face issues and faults while using it. So to avoid such problems, you must purchase a product that has a warranty. It ensures an easy return of the product if you find the product not meeting your needs.

To ensure you can plug your product for use, take an adapter with you. The adapter is a little plastic piece with prongs that will coordinate with the holes of foreign electrical plugs.

What is the best travel steam iron?

Hamilton Beach Portable Handheld Travel Iron 10092 is the best travel partner. It supports dual voltage and consumes only 800 watts of power. Besides the small size, it generates 95 grams of steam per minute from its stainless steel soleplate. You can also use it as a vertical steamer.

Take a look at these models also:

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