How to Iron Polyester Fabric – Remove Wrinkles Efficiently – 2024 Guide

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Polyester is an extremely durable fabric; that is why it is used in cloths, curtains, and upholstery. This material also not requires extra dry-cleaning so most people use this fabric in their home.

The polyester fabric we get from the market is very soft and thin; that is why we need to wash and iron it very carefully.

There are some tips and general settings of steam iron that is very important while ironing polyester. Using steam iron with the proper method will remove creases and wrinkles from polyester clothes and curtains.

How to iron polyester fabric – Step by step guide:

  • First of all, wash your polyester clothes properly so that there are no stains left.
  • If wrinkles are there, then you need to steam iron your clothes. For this, first of all, turn the settings of your steam iron to polyester because temperature maintenance is essential for the ironing process.
  • Make sure your clothes are damped so that it will iron perfectly. You can use water spray to keep moisten your clothes during ironing. Turn your clothes inside out and place it on the iron table or another flat surface.
  • Do not iron directly on the polyester clothes or fabric because polyester is made of plastic, and it will burn your clothes if the iron is too hot. So be careful while ironing polyester clothes.
  • So do not apply iron directly and apply it on any other rough cloth than start ironing polyester clothes. You can also put other clothe on polyester clothes and then iron them.
  • But sometimes wrinkles do not get off so increase the temperature a bit to get wrinkles free garments.
  • Move your steam iron slowly over your clothes in up-down movement and never sit iron in a single place because it may burn your cloth.
  • Hang your clothes after ironing and if you want to keep it wrinkles free to hang them in a thin plastic sheet.

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