7 Best Retractable Cord Steam Irons – 2020 Reviewed (Updated)

Retractable cords make the storage of steam iron, easy and uncomplicated. You don’t always need to waste your time in winding and unwinding the power cord around the iron, which itself seems rough and unpleasant. According to research, retractable cords are less prone to tangling and serves for a longer period.

The reason is the protected housing in which the electric cord is neatly stored most of the time. So, we have done extensive research, tested a few models and presenting you list of best steam irons with retractable cord 2020.

7 Best Steam Irons with Retractable Cord 2020

We have narrowed down 7 best retractable cord models keeping in view their overall performance, maneuverability and durability. Here you will find best steam irons with retractable cords of renowned brands such as Rowenta, Sunbeam, Black & Decker, Hamiltion Beach, CHI and AIKOK. Let’s move to the list and one by one review.

1. Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam Iron (Best Retractable cord steam iron)

Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam (Retractable cord)

If you are Rowenta fan and looking for best Rowenta iron with retractable cord, here it is! Rowenta presents you with this best steam iron with a retractable cord. Its length is 2.25 meters which may seem to be very short in the first impression, but it is enough when the socket is nearby. And don’t worry, many other features are in this iron to make you smile.

With 1500 watt power and 300 holes on the stainless steel soleplate, there will be even and quick steam distribution over a large area. There is also an auto steam thermostat, which ensures rapid steam generation as per your requirement. Don’t think that if it heats up quickly, it can also cause burning. Because there is a 3-way shut off feature to ensure there is no safety concern while you have it.

The iron can clean itself, so don’t worry about the calcium buildup. So you can fill out tap water in its tank with a capacity of 8.45 Oz. With the help of a precision tip, you can quickly iron the small areas on the cloths. There is also an anti-drip feature in this iron with all other exceptions that make it the best iron for handy use. All these features make it stand in the list of Best Steam Irons with Retractable Cord 2020.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quick heat-up technology
  • Limited temperature range

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2. BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron ICR 2030 (Budget-Friendly)

BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron ICR 2030 with retractable cord

Black & Decker presents you Vitessa steam iron ICR 2030 for people who don’t want to spend much. The plus point is that the manufacturer has taken care of the people who love retractable cords and want to buy a low budget iron. Also, this model is equally compatible with both vertical steaming as well as horizontal ironing. And both are easy as the weight of this iron is only 3.25 pounds.

It ensures consistent steam flow due to micro holes on stainless steel soleplate. Also, you can adjust the temperature and steam flow rate as per the fabric’s requirement. You will be glad to know that there is a precision tip that ensures no wrinkles on small and narrow areas, i.e., around collar and buttons.

There is no dedicated button for on/off, but no worries about burning with this iron because of the auto shut off feature. And also, no worries about cleaning this iron due to the self-cleaning function.

  • Optimal steam flow
  • Smooth gliding over any fabric
  • Anti-drip feature
  • No more wire tangling
  • Light indicator
  • Two years warranty
  • Not for blankets and hard to iron the fabric
  • Low visibility of water tank
  • Relatively high weight

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3. Sunbeam Steammaster 1400W Steam Iron (Average Choice)

Sunbeam Steammaster may not have all the optimal features like heavy budget steam irons, but it is not less than any of it. Plus, it has a retractable cord, so no worries about some extra length of the cord when you are near to the plug. So you get hassle-free ironing experience. The comfort further extends because it only weighs 2.95 pounds.

Smooth gliding is not an issue even of sturdy fabric because of nonstick and stainless steel soleplate. Also, you can adjust the steam level easily through the rotary button as per your requirement. With that, you can also control the tendency of heat the iron generates along with iron. So there will be no worries about the burning of your favorite outfit.

For those fabrics you think you can’t iron yourself, it can offer an extra steam burst, and there will be no wrinkles on the cloth anymore. You will not need to fill the tank after a while because this steam iron comes with a large water tank with a capacity of 9 Oz. You can do vertical steaming or horizontal ironing as per your wish or requirement. And both are easy for this steam iron.

It consumes 1400 watt energy and is enough for your daily usage. It can clean itself so you will not have to worry about cleaning the iron because of rust stains and mineral buildup. Another good news is that this iron has durability features which ensure that it will last longer, and you don’t need to worry about repair and replacements for many upcoming years. Well, it has 3 years warranty also.

  • Steam control levels
  • Heat control levels
  • Steam shot feature
  • Anti-drip technology
  • Self cleaning feature
  • One year warranty
  • Not a high-quality manufacturing
  • On/Off control is not on the dial

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4. CHI Steam Iron 13102 (Long-lasting)

CHI Steam Iron for Clothes 13102 with retractable cord

CHI introduces 13102 steam iron with a titanium infused ceramic soleplate. The manufacturer claims that this new addition to the soleplate family can easily handle extreme temperatures and is highly durable. Also, there will be minimal wear and tear for this soleplate. Besides, it operates on 1700 watt, and there are 400 steam holes on the soleplate that ensure no wrinkles on the most robust fabric and also do the job quickly.

You can also adjust the temperature as per requirement and change the level of the steam too. Another surprising feature is digital control. So there will be no hard button to get caught you in trouble of adjusting the required levels. All this new technology is combined will 8 feet long cord that is retractable to ensure nothing bothers you about this best steam iron. Because of its performance, it is also added in the list of best steam iron 2020.

The water tank is easily accessible, so there will be no worries about water refilling. The grip is also comfortable. So you can iron a considerable number of clothes in no time.

  • Fast heating technology
  • Precise steam control
  • Limited after-sale support by the seller.

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5. AICOK Steam Iron ES2345

AICOK Steam Iron ES2345

AICOK presents you with the most powerful 1700 watt steam iron that makes sure no wrinkle is left behind. So you can do vertical and horizontal ironing easily because its cord is 5.9 feet long and is retractable. Another fantastic feature that ensures your comfort is a large water tank with 300 ml capacity.

You can adjust the level of steam it generates through a button as per your requirement. There are also five temperature levels as per the fabric’s requirement. You can adjust the temperature through the dial. The soleplate is of ceramic that ensures smooth glide between fabric and soleplate. There is also a precision tip to make sure small areas are also wrinkle-free.

Overall ES2345 has a sleek design and modern looks with all essential features. This steam iron is also equipped with the anti-drip feature to make sure the tank doesn’t leak. The self-cleaning function can clean the iron itself, but make sure to use it once every ten days so that there is no scale buildup.

  • Made of whole steel
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Fast heat system gets the steam ready in 20 seconds
  • No auto shut-off feature, You have to turn it off yourself.
  • Temperature dial moves very easily

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6. Sunbeam Steam Master Mid-size Iron (Affordable Retractable cord steam iron):

Sunbeam Steam Master Mid-size Iron GCSBCL-202-000

Sunbeam cares for you when it comes to easy handling. So the company presents you Steam Master Mid-size Iron that only weighs 2.6 pounds. Also, the 8 feet long cord is retractable. So you can easily use it for horizontal as well as vertical ironing without worrying about cord tangling.

With 1400 watt power, this steam iron can do spray and can also generate mist to fight against tough wrinkles on the cloth. Also, you can adjust the desired steam level easily with the knob that is on the upper side of the handle. Besides, you can also change its temperature through the control that is on the lower side of the handle.

Its anti-drip function ensures that there are no water stains on the cloths and all over the area around the ironing board. The precision tip of the nonstick soleplate makes it easy to iron around the buttons and other small areas too. The 3-way auto shut off is also a part of this iron to comfort you further. So there will be no worries of the burnings when you have this steam iron. It is most affordable pick in the list of best steam iron with retractable cord 2020.

For more variety of small or portable steam irons, go here.

  • Quick heat-up technology
  • Adjustable steam, mist, spray output
  • Easy to refill the water tank
  • Chances of leakage on a sudden jerk
  • No stopper for fill holes

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7. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron 19803 (Cheap retractable cord iron):

Hamilton presents you Beach Steam Iron 19803, the most durable steam iron of all time. Also, it has a retractable cord that is 8 feet long and ensures easy handling. Besides, you can do vertical and horizontal ironing both without any issue.

Soft gliding over any fabric with no wrinkles left is not an issue because of the non-stick soleplate. The quality of ironing is further assured by 60 percent more steam generation by this iron. It is possible because of the high power that is 1500 watt.

Soft grip and heel rest ensure that nothing bothers you while you iron or when you want to leave it. And don’t worry about the burning of your favorite dress. Because it will automatically turn off if you have placed it on soleplate without any movement for 30 seconds. And it will also turn off if you leave it idol on the heel for 15 minutes. Overall its cheap and have the best performance.

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Fast heat up
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • 10-year warranty for the soleplate
  • anti-calcium feature
  • Not durable as claimed

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Now, you have read all reviews of the best steam iron with retractable cord 2020, in which we had explained the usefulness of each steam iron. If you are still figuring out, which steam iron with a retractable cord you should pick then here’s our suggestion.

If you have a budget and want a long-lasting steam iron with retractable cord feature, then CHI Steam Iron 13102 and Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam Iron is the best options. These are a little bit expensive than other models but the same features can be availed in affordable models from our list

Some affordable steam iron with retractable cords, that is highly appreciated by users are such as BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron, Sunbeam Steammaster 1400W Steam Iron and Hamilton Beach Steam Iron 19803. You can pick any of these and you will regret your desiccation.

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