How to Steam Iron Pent, Shirt and Skirt – 2024 Guide

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Steam iron used to remove creases and wrinkles from clothes. You can iron every kind of fabric, but some of them need special attention, so here we have written how to iron some clothes like pent, shirt and skirt.


Things that are necessary for ironing any garments are

  1. Steam iron
  2. An iron board
  3. Liquid starch
  4. Water

Better to check:

  • Steam iron should be of good quality and clean. So that it works appropriately and remove wrinkles.
  • An iron board should be flat, stable and clean.
  • Liquid starch is a plus, it is used for making creases on fabric like cotton and polyester.
  • Water, to moist clothes

How to steam iron Pent

Ironing pent is not difficult, and it takes almost four minutes.

  1. First of all, set the iron temperature to a medium heat setting.
  2. Lay down pent flat on the ironing surface matching legs. Then start ironing but make sure that iron is not too hot.
  3. Iron pants in up-down motion and remove creases from the pent. It also implies for ironing parkour pants if you found severe wrinkles on it.
  4. Always set crease from the front side.
  5. Take the iron from down to upward movement and stop it at six inches below the waist.
  6. Make sure the creases are all off.
  7. Hang pent in the hanger for some time so that it may cool down.

How to steam iron Shirt

Ironing a shirt is an easier task than anyone might think. It will take almost three minutes.

  1. You will get a perfectly ironed shirt if you pay attention while doing iron. It is good to start with the collar front and backside.
  2. Just lay down the shirt collar on a flat surface and press with an iron left and right.
  3. Then iron sleeves and remove creases.
  4. Open cuffs and iron both front and back the same as done with the collar.
  5. Then iron the rest of the shirt and obliterate wrinkles.
  6. Hang the shirt on the hanger and let it cool down.

How to steam iron Skirt

  • It is better to iron the skirt by taking start from the top and moving the iron in a downward motion.
  • If you are ironing a skirt that is flaring out at the bottom that you must take start from the bottom.
  • Always press the waistband first and to remove creases perfectly spray starch on the skirt.
  • Iron each pleat of the skirt and remove wrinkles.
  • In the end, hang it.

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