How to Steam Iron a Dress – 2024 Step-by-Step Guide with Images

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Steam iron is used to de-wrinkle clothes in many ways, but you need to follow steps properly to get professional results. By following all steps, you will be able to steam iron a dress efficiently.

Steps to steam iron a dress

Step 1:

First of all, fill the water tank of a steam iron with water.

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Step 2:

Always check your clothes label that the dress you are going to iron is allowed steaming or not. Also, what should be the setting of the dial during ironing? Set the temperature of the iron according to the fabric.

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Step 3:

Spread your cloth on the soft flat surface if you doing regular ironing. Or hand your dress on a hanger if you want to do only steaming. You can find the best vertical steam irons here.

Regular Ironing
Vertical Steaming

Step 4:

Do not move the iron in a circular motion but move it in up and down movement to remove creases.

Instructions to steam iron a dress:

  • Do not apply iron directly on the front or backside of the cloth but first apply it on the rough cloth and then on the dress.
  • Some clothes required water spray to remove deep wrinkles, so you must enable spray mist. It will moister your clothes and remove deep wrinkles.
  • If you have to iron many clothes, then first iron those clothes for which minimum heat is required and then those which required maximum heat.
  • Hang clothes in the hanger after iron.

hanging on hanger

That’s it!

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