Best Steam Iron Without Auto Shut Off Function – 2024 Buying Guide

For some people, the auto shut off function might be a mess. Quilters, sewers, or tailors usually want the best steam iron without an auto shut off function. In sewing a dress, they take several breaks because of clothes cutting, stitching and needlework.

During the break, the steam iron turns off itself. It is equally suitable for someone who had to take frequent pauses while ironing. When its time to use, it restarts again and much time is wasted in this way. So such people are in quest of the best steam iron that does not have auto turn off the feature.

Because of less demand, few steam irons without auto shut off function are available in the market, and one has to spend several hours to find the best one. Hence to save your time and efforts, we have listed down the best ones without auto shut off function.

Best Steam Iron Without Auto Shut Off Function to Buy in 2024

In addition to other essential features, we have mainly focused on auto turn off capability that you are finding here. Rowenta DX9800 and DW5197 fall on these criteria but they are currently not available to buy. Another option is  MARTISAN Steam Iron, which does not turn off automatically.

MARTISAN Steam Iron (Doesn’t turn off automatically)

Martisan steam iron offers you various benefits especially if you are a quilter. Most important is that, how long you take breaks between ironing, it will never turn off. It will ready to serve you when you wanted to. It has non-stick soleplate, which glides over all fabrics smoothly and no sticking is found during testing.

You will never goanna feel any irritation or tangling while moving around because of its swivel 360 degrees rotating electric cord. Crease termination is no more issue while using it, thanks to its steam burst mode. It also works flawlessly, even using it for vertical steaming. Also, it is lightweight iron weighs only 2.2 lbs.

If you are using hard water, there is a chance of calcium deposition on the inner side of the water tank. Hence to cope with this issue, it comes with an anti-calcium function, which tends to remove scales and deposits, ultimately making it long-lasting. The icing on the cake is that it is available at an extremely affordable price.

Final Verdict

There are very few latest steam irons that do not have an auto-off function.

This function is a blessing for most people but at the same time, this feature irritates a few individuals. Hence, if you are looking for Steam iron without auto shut off then  MARTISAN Steam Iron is your pick.

Good to know

Auto turn off time varies from models to models and brands to brands. This time ranges between 8 minutes to 30 seconds in an upright position while 30 seconds to 3 minutes in a face-down position. If you are looking for a steam iron, which has a more extended period (30 minutes) for auto switch off, you must go for Oliso.

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