Rowenta DW 7180 Everlast Steam Iron Review 2024 – Steam Iron With Patented Scale Collector

Rowenta DW 7180 everlast steam iron is unique of its kind. In addition to all essential features, German build steam iron comes with a patented scale collector that provides superior protection against calcium deposits caused by using hard water.

Rowenta is the first brand to introduce this patent. It has a sharp, crisp look and professional feel. Equipped with 1750 watts power, it promises professional results. Soleplate is made up of stainless steel having 400 micro holes. These holes enhance steam delivery and fade wrinkles away in no time. Explore more in this latest 2024 review.

Rowenta DW 7180 Review

Rowenta DW 7180 everlast iron review

Rowenta DW 7180 is german made model and its build quality is far better than other Chinese brands. It is observed that it has enhanced the precision tip which promises to iron tricky areas of garments. Further, we have written all features in detail below. After reading this article you will have a clear idea of either you should go for DW 7180 or not.

Features of Rowenta DW 7180

  • 1750 watts power
  • Patented limescale collector
  • High precision tip
  • Comfortable handle + ergonomic design
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Even steam distribution up to 180 G/min
  • Variable Steam options
  • Easy vertical steaming
  • 3-way smart auto shut off system
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Stainless steel soleplate with a perfect glide
  • 400 micro steam holes
  • 10-ounce water tank capacity

1750 watt power output:

The power of steam iron denotes how quickly and how efficiently soleplate will heat up. Rowenta DW 7180 is engineered with 1750 watt power and heats up quickly. This model beats famous models such as Rowenta DW5080, Black & Decker ICR 2030, and BLACK+DECKER D3030 in power comparison.

According to user reviews and our testing, we can confidently say that it is heated up quickly and maintained temperature throughout the ironing session. Moreover, soleplate temperature is controllable through a dedicated 360-degree rotating knob. It has an unrivaled efficiency, and you will never have any issue in removing the toughest creases on any fabric.

Patented limescale collector:

Rowenta introduces an innovative patent (limescale collector) that are equipped in this model. Limescale collector not only increases the efficiency of steam but also increase the lifespan of iron. You must be interested to know the primary benefit of this limescale collector.

It simply collects the insoluble mineral that comes from hard water. In the absence of this scale collector, these scales will deposit on soleplate and decrease steam efficiency over time. This assembly can collect up to 1 teaspoon of calcium minerals, and it can be washed easily. There is not any extra tension; you just need to remove and wash it, once in 3 months.

As you know that in the US and UK, about 80 percent of tap water is hard, and it contains minerals that are the main culprit of decreasing the efficiency of appliances. The iron, which is lacking anti-calcium features will not be last longer.

Rowenta is the best choice if your area has hard tap water. It has also a self-cleaning function that flushes out the remaining scales via a powerful burst of steam. As far as durability is concerned, it is far better than Sunbeam 1800 watt steam iron, which lacking all durability features.

High Precision tip:

Rowenta DW 7180 not only focuses on build quality but also on ease of use. Among various companies, only a few introduce irons with precision tips. You might have noticed a clear difference in the shape and design of soleplate as compared to other models. This precision tip lets you iron the “difficult to reach” areas such as pockets, pleats, between buttons, and collar region of a shirt.

According to a user survey, this precision tip is highly useful and supports ease of use, especially when ironing clothes of kids. Soleplate has 400 plus uniformly distributed holes for optimum steam delivery. The precision tip portion also has micro holes. So you can expect the finest finish on any garment.

Ergonomic Design:

The beauty of perfect ironing lies in handling and grip. Better the grip, smoother the results of pressing. This iron has a beautiful yet comfortable handle. It has firm and easy-grip as compared to other brands such as Sunbeam Steammaster and PURsteam. No matter how much heavy hands you have, its handle is well designed and has enough room for folding palm around. When holding the handle, steam and water spray buttons are in easy access. Both buttons can be used easily with a thumb.

Moreover, right below holding fingers, there is a 360-degree rotating knob. It can be operated via two fingers and thumb. This model is incorporated with the “Ease of use” factor. Smooth glide is also like icing on the cake.

Anti-drip feature:

Anti drip feature of rowenta everlast ironYou might have observed the micro steam holes at the bottom of every steam iron. In low-quality irons, water starts dripping from holes in the form of droplets. These can impart stains on delicate fabric. To overcome these issues, Rowenta DW 7180 steam iron comes with an impressive anti-drip feature. It prevents unwanted leakages in horizontal as well as vertical use. Additionally, this feature also works even at low temperatures.


Even steam distribution up to 180 G/min:

400 micro steam holes are adjusted on stainless steel soleplate in such a way as to transfer steam on each portion underneath it. Steam is evenly distributed on a fabric. Unlike other steam irons, it has the option of continuous steam delivery at the rate of 30 G/min. While on steam boost, it is capable of delivering steam at the rate of 180 G/min. This patented scale collector maintains fine quality steam throughout the life of the iron. So, you can get perfect steam every time you use this model.

As far as steam delivery is concerned, it is optimized with an auto-steam feature. This feature adjusts optimum steam delivery based on the temperature of the soleplate and fabric beneath it. So far, it is the best steam iron under such a price cap.

Variable Steam options:

Steam requirement depends on the stuff of fabric and type of cloth. Some sturdy fabrics with deep creases require more steam to smoothen. So, here in this model, Rowenta added a variable steam option that can be adjusted based on three presets.

  1. Variable Steam: Rowenta DW 7180 automatically adjust steam output based on soleplate temperature and type of fabric. It is the auto steam system that Rowenta advertised about.
  2. Vertical Steam: This mode is suitable for vertical steaming. You can use this model as a garment steamer to some extent.
  3. Steam Burst: On pressing the steam button, it will release a powerful shot of steam at the rate of 160G/min to 180G/min. It is suitable for toughest creases which cannot be vanished by normal mode.

Easy vertical steaming:

It is no doubt that technically, you can use any steam iron for vertical steaming, but the issue arises when some other models fail to deliver enough steam output in vertical mode. This model has dedicated mode for vertical steaming, so some improvements can be expected. In our testing, we find no issue in vertical steaming except one which is due to its heavyweight.

3-way smart auto shut off system:

This feature came into play when you forgot to turn the iron off. This model has a motion sensor that turns it off automatically when placed idle. Auto shut off time is 8 minutes if placed vertically and 30 seconds if tipped on aside. This feature works very well and not less than a blessing.


Self-cleaning mechanism:

The self-cleaning system also added in this model in addition to the limescale collector. It provides additional protection and durability, which not only prolongs the life of iron but also maintains its efficiency over time. This system flushes any deposited mineral on inside space via steam burst. In this way, steam efficiency is sustained in this model.

400 micro steam holes:

Most of the Rowenta models have identical holes on the soleplate. These 400 holes are properly distributed along with soleplate in this model. These holes ensure efficient steam distribution on fabric. Accompanied by 1750 watt power and optimized steam delivery system makes this model a perfect pick for daily usage. The same number of holes are available in Rowenta DW5080 and Rowenta DW 8080.

10-ounce water tank:

This model comes with a 10 Oz capacity of the water tank. More abundant the water reservoir, the more significant the amount of steam.

In comparison to other models, it has enough capacity. With a full water tank, it is capable of delivering continuous steam up to 30 minutes. We have also noticed it has an opaque water tank and it is challenging to see the water level from the plastic body. While Beautural steam iron has 11.05 Oz capacity and PurSteam Professional steam iron has 14 Oz capacity. If you are looking for iron with large water reservoirs, you can consider these.


  • 1750 watt power output
  • Patented limescale collector
  • High Precision tip
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Even steam distribution up to 180 G/min
  • Variable Steam options
  • Effortless vertical steaming
  • 3-way smart auto shut off system
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • 400 micro steam holes
  • 10-ounce decent water tank


  • No retractable cord
  • 8ft cord length that is relatively shorter
  • Relatively heavy, weighing 4 pounds

You can also take a look at this video and find everything you need to know about this model:


Rowenta 7190 has the main feature of a limescale collector, which provides the ultimate solution for hard water. This feature is not available on other models. Its performance is also up to the mark, and we can consider it is the best iron under this price tag.

Nowadays, some irons also have a display screen which is not available in this model. It has an optimal water tank and 400 holes soleplate, which cannot be found on black & decker, sunbeam, and Panasonic. If your wallet limits you, then this model might be the best fit for you!

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